Walang Buwan  (After Rosal)

Dimensions Variable - Installed On-Site at Adjunct Positions,  Los Angeles
Handwoven blue polypropylene tarp, reflective mylar emergency blanket, dichroic film, plastic netting and pandan leaf with grommets, planter made from Mt. Pinatubo volcanic ash, pandan plant, soil, red and orange plastic bags, bungee hooks, blue marl clay, rice sack, sand bags, sand

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A large scale site specific work installed at Adjunct Positions in Los Angeles that combines traditional plant matter together with single-use plastics and blue tarp to speak to the life cycles of organic matter and plastics. In particular, this work addresses the irony of blue tarps being introduced as a band-aid solution in climate disaster zones, replacing the sustainable woven mats traditionally made from plant materials, which can no longer grow there due to the influx of salt water during the storms that cause the damage itself. "Walang Buwan" means "moonless" or "there is no moon" a reference to earth systems that are out of human control, but impacted by our actions.

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