Ruined Cairn A, Tumpok 3 (The Point However is to Change it)


A temporary arrangement of Islington paving stones cast from Portland cement and Mt. Pinatubo volcanic ash, ech afixed with informational label on the underside.

Inspired by local souvenirs from the Philippines, each object is marked with the text “This product is made from the actual volcanic ash of the 1991 eruption of Mt. Pinatubo Philippines” in the form of an iridescent plastic sticker affixed to the base of each manufactured stone.

These geologic components later became part of Ruined Cairn A (Beneath the Paving Stones) and are arranged in a form that recalls not only the rich history and culture of dry-stone wall building throughout Ireland, but also cairns—or human-made heaps of stones that have been used as for millennia as way finders and to create spaces for ritual and gathering.

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