Rare Earth Zine

Concept, Editor, Designer & Contributor

The POLAR OPPOSITES exhibition in February 2022 was accompanied by a zine titled RARE EARTH. Featuring essays, poetry, and visual art from contributors based around the world, RARE EARTH explores parallel issues of ecology, majority-Earth survivalism, different perspectives on the climate crisis, decolonial geography, migration, geologic time, and ancestral knowledge.⁠

Reflecting the material and conceptual foundation of the POLAR OPPOSITES exhibition, the RARE EARTH zine is designed in dual-orientation, and each print copy is hand saddle-bound with metallic thread, and features a shipping tape-laminated cover embedded with mica powder and neodymium magnets.⁠

Deep gratitude goes out to all contributors: Jeffery Darensbourg, Luyo Space, Simon Speiser, Stephanie Comilang, Wawi Navarroza and Liyang Network for the collaboration, as well as exhibition collaborators Keturah Cummings and Lucinda Dayhew.

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