Intention in Tension I

~ 54 "x 54" x 54"
Easton Tent Poles, Shock Cord, Silicone, Grommets, Powder Pigment, Metallic Thread, Pencil

Notes on Intention in Tension I

Folding in inspiration from Rudolf Steiner’s prototypes for the Farbekammern (Color Chambers, or polyhedral rooms lined in one solid tone and suffused with soothing light for therapeutic relaxation) and John C. Lilly’s early sensory deprivation tanks, “Intention in Tension” is a temporary shelter that can be transported easily for rapid deployment whenever a space for solitary contemplation and healing is needed. Riffing off of "Oval Intention", the first mass-produced, lightweight geodesic backpacking tent (released 1976), "Intention in Tension" is also designed using Fuller’s principles for tension structuring (“tensegrity”) and similarly employs proprietary Easton arrow-shaft flexible tent poles (developed specifically for the Oval Intention). This means it’s quick to deploy and resilient in stability. However, the poles bisect the structure itself, preventing it from being inhabited or occupied by most adult humans.

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