2x2 Talks

Co-Curator of Lecture Series

In conjunction with the “Polar Opposites” exhibition in collaboration with Keturah Cummings and Lucinda Dayhew at D21 Kunstraum), the artists curated two online programs, each featuring two interdisciplinary talks from practitioners working across ecological themes.

Cluster I: Animal Kin and Intelligence
Lisa Schonberg and Dr. Leonie Baier
Tuesday 22 Feb, 6:30 PM CET / 12:30 PM EST

[Image 1] Lisa Schonberg is a composer and percussionist with a background in entomology. She creates sound works based on ecological explorations, focusing on insects. She will talk about various projects in the northern and Southern Hemisphere.

[Image 2] Dr. Leonie Baier is a biologist focusing on bats. She reports on bat behaviour and the effects of human interference with bat habitats.

Cluster II: Plantationocene, Agriculture and Climate Change Wythe Marschall and Liyang Network

[Image 3] Thursday 24 Feb, 6:30 PM CET / 12:30 PM EST
Wythe Marschall is an anthropologist at the Department of the History of Science at Harvard University and researches future food. He will talk about the future of agriculture, urban farming, climate change and food politics. He will also mention “Fresh Impact Farms,” like the one in the photo which is situated in Arlington, VA (USA).

[Image 4] Cris Rey, a founding member of Liyang Network, an global group that advocates for the calls of the Lumad People in Mindanao, Philippines. The talk will discuss climate disasters, indigenous people‛s fight for autonomy and international solidarity. Image features Lumad youth of Sabokahan and Save Our Schools Network at a protest.

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